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[Let's be real here, Judar's pretty much the equivalent of a space rat anyway. He'd spent about five minutes looking for Clover before he realized that he'd totally forgotten the layout of the ship (or more like deliberately blocked it out of his memory out of sheer spite) and gave up. Eh, she'll probably find him eventually anyway, she has to get hungry at some point right? Surely his sudden ability to worldhop will not come as a shock to her at all.

Luckily he's remembered at least where the lounge is, which is why when Clover draws closer to the kitchen, she'll hear the dulcet tones of Superbass starting up. God he's missed modern technology and music. He's so invested reacquainting himself with the wonders of Nicki Minaj that he's not even keeping an eye on the kitchen door anymore.]
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[He sure hadn't been paying attention, but at the sound of Clover's voice Judar finally looks up her a cheerful wave and grin like nothing about this scenario is weird or shocking at all. Aside from a change in outfits and the giant sword he's sitting on, it's almost like he never left at all.]

Heeeey, I got bored and came to hang out! You're all outta peaches by the way, you should stock more. [He waves a hand flippantly at her question.] Ehh, I just had to adjust my teleportation spell to account for interdimensional distances. It was easy enough tracking you down after that since I infused the ship with some of my magic before I left.

[Actually no, it was super hard and he definitely accidentally teleported himself into the middle of fucking nowhere more than once, but he's not about to admit to how much effort he went through just so he could possibly go space exploring with Clover again emotions are disgusting.]
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Uh, 'cause I got hungry? Plus I couldn't remember where all the other rooms were. [aggressively continues to not help at all

He'll go ahead and prove his identity by scoffing at her next question and clearly sulking over her lack of reaction no illusion could possibly match this level of immaturity.]
Obviously it's me, who else would be skilled enough to teleport onto a ship in the middle of space in another fucking universe? [he's just gonna conveniently forget about all the other people who could worldhop way before he could...] Ugh, it took a ton of work figuring out how to get here and I was even nice enough to get you something, you could act more excited to see me!

[didn't he just fucking say thirty seconds ago that tracking the ship down was super easy]