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[sticky entry] Sticky: Muselist


Clover ☆ 999
fourleafcleaver "Okay! This sounds like a job for the best brother-and-sister team in the world!" hmd
Yuna Yuki ☆ yuyuyu
cherrypuncher "Hero Club tenet! If you're troubled, talk to someone!" hmd

and the rest! )
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lum post!!

i'll put a shitpost here later
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Murdergame CRAU CMO

Clover Field   Seven Vices Yuna Yuki   Robowest  Clover Field The Cradle Project 
art credit official art art credit
if you don't wanna leave a starter, just gimme like a small vague general idea of what you wanna do or a handful of options or like, something, whatever, and i'll write one!! if yuna cr leaves a blank comment though i'll provide one of her obnoxiously affectionate too-long friendship letters
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Open Post ☆ Yuna Yuki

Robowest CRAU also available!
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Open Post ☆ Fu Inubozaki

all of my icons have eyepatches, but any canonpoint is fine!
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Open Post ☆ Bianca

art credit

all my icons are of BW1 but I can play BW2 Bianca on request!
Jarjammed CRAU also available!
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Open Post ☆ Lissa

art credit

EPC CRAU also available!