a letter

Jun. 16th, 2017 03:10 pm
curedham: (your deadend dreams don't make you smile)
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[Under L'Arachel's pillow, the other residents of room 113 might find, if they make any effort to sift through her stuff now that there's this new bed someone gets to have all to themselves, a bundle of letters. There are four envelopes, all thick and heavy, because apparently even if she's just writing L'Arachel just can't shut the fuck up. They're bound together in thin rope, so only the addressee on the first letter can be read: Knoll. If one takes apart the rope, they'll find that the others are labelled Dozla, Eirika, and Uncle Mansel.

these exist 100% because my purpose in life is to kick lum's ass


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