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[It sure seemed a bit odd that Patchouli, who was a nerd who liked quiet places and reading books, was such a good friend with someone like L'Arachel, who is... well, a bit of a ham. But, well, they kind of balanced each other out or something, since they were staying together, or something.]

L'Arachel. [It was getting a bit late.] Do you need help with anything before bed? [Not that she was going to sleep yet, either. Her own sleep schedule was... odd. However, L'Arachel probably was. Right?]
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Spend time with someone who appreciates you a lot? Like me?

["appreciates a lot" seems like a euphemism amirite]

If you're not headed to sleep so soon, that's fine. I'll stay up with you and we can... well, do whatever it is you wish to.
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as promised here i am

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[Really, this should be a very simple task.

Surely two princesses can do something as simple as baking a cake? Sure they could ask the servants to do this, but... Eirika knows that things done by their own hands mean more!! It's a gift coming from the heart!!!

That's what she's going with, at least, and she's pretty sure--]

I'm sure that Innes will soften up a little if we make him something by our own hands. [And then maybe he won't spend his entire birthday competing with her brother....] Let's see... I believe the flour is over here...

[And naturally she dragged L'Arachel in as well because.

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[ Knoll had long since vanished into the recesses of the world, content to be forgotten, never to be remembered as having a prolific role in the fall of Lyon (of which he consistently blamed himself still) and for a time, Grado itself. Perhaps he was being too harsh on himself, but Knoll had no strong connections to anyone, so it stands to reason that no one could halt him from his quest in eternal solitude.

...That said, even he needed to break out of eternal solitude in order to obtain necessities such as food and drink. He wasn't exactly the picture of a farmer and all that. 'Tis why he headed to a certain kingdom where he was sure where he wouldn't be recognized, though it was rather busy in the market place that day, and many eyes were undoubtedly able to see his small, yet identifiable form.

Knoll hadn't counted on the fact of people going mad for the special prices that day and so he was shoved (oh-so-easily given his type of body) into a certain someone (hi L'arachel). ]

...Ah! Sorry, I--

[ Aw, nuts. ]