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Clover ☆ 999
fourleafcleaver "Okay! This sounds like a job for the best brother-and-sister team in the world!" hmd
Yuna Yuki ☆ yuyuyu
cherrypuncher "Hero Club tenet! If you're troubled, talk to someone!" hmd

» L'Arachel
» Fire Emblem 8
» curedham
» Myrrh
» Fire Emblem 8
» dracoleoresin
» Tiki
» Fire Emblem 12
» presomnia
» Emmeryn
» Fire Emblem 13
» divinedescendant
» Lissa
» Fire Emblem 13
» felissaty
» Tiki
» Fire Emblem 13
» prenebular
» Mae
» Fire Emblem 15
» maege
» Lynne
» Ghost Trick
» rentedthefarm
» Mary
» Ib
» scribbly
» Sayaka Miki
» Madoka Magica
» blueveins
» Bianca
» Pokémon
» klutzy
» SF-A2 Miki
» Vocaloid
» loseshermusic
» Clover Field
» Virtue's Last Reward
» socloverit
» Fu Inubozaki
» Yuki Yuna is a Hero
» claymost
» "Q"
» Zero Time Dilemma
» antialias
I'm never going to canon review any of these characters ever again, but I might be willing to play them with people I've had CR with in the past!

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