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if you don't wanna leave a starter, just gimme like a small vague general idea of what you wanna do or a handful of options or like, something, whatever, and i'll write one!! if yuna cr leaves a blank comment though i'll provide one of her obnoxiously affectionate too-long friendship letters
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u know what i'm here for give me the murdergame pair

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you know exactly what you're about and i respect that IS THIS ALL RIGHT

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[god jade i forgot how cute these two were and then i wasted too much time reading old threads so i could figure out a good launching point smh

anyway we still had joy and levity in our hearts sometime around week 4, that was a good time, all members of the small pink alliance were still alive, the slumber party was an excellent idea, so here we are in scenic Hinata's closet, having been bullied into a round of seven minutes in heaven. Clover isn't much one for small spaces, so she's feeling around to catch her bearings in the dark since the sliver of light peeking in from the bottom of the door isn't doing much for her. Catching her bearings mostly entails hitting the walls because she doesn't have enough chill to just like...touch a wall with her hand...without smacking it...... She worked way too hard on the pastries set up in here to just go knocking them over, though, so she's being about as careful as she ever is when she finds those.

Gotta say, keeping the snacks in here for this wasn't your best idea.
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[ slams my fist down. so letters are nice but how about some weird ass post-rw interdimensional travel where russell visits yuna and they can do dumb 14 year old things and have fun (while russell thinks hes dying because what is fun) JUST!!! HAVE FUN AND DO FUN THINGS LOTS of fun i want these two dumb teens to Hang out ]
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[GOD YES LET THESE DUMB TEENS HANG OUT and listen, i am still so charmed by the snow trapped meme, so despite the fact that Yuna definitely had actual plans for them today that the snowy onslaught keeping them in her house has ruined, instead of sulking, she's tearing through a closet in search of winter gear without actually telling Russell why. It's just happening??]

Hey, Russell, did you bring a scarf? You can borrow one of mine! [They are all pink.]
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[ Dumb teen hang outs HERE WE GO.

And, well, he hasn't seen this much snow ever since he's been to the Snow Village in his dreams -- that place was cold because he was only wearing the bunny-eared poncho (the cutest poncho!!!!). ]

Uhm... I didn't really bring much.

[ That's a no. The colour of the scarf doesn't bother him, but leave it to Yuna to have lots of pink. ]

...... It's like you want to go outside.
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Yeah! [Obviously!!! And she is immediately twirling around to start wrapping him up in one of her scarves, cotton candy pink colored with tassels at the ends.] We're gonna run out of stuff to do cooped up inside, but the backyard's pretty big so we'll have plenty of room to play in the snow!
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[ NOOOOOO, he didn't ask for this!! Russell doesn't rip off the scarf or anything, but he does look really... Taken aback, maybe even a bit surprised! He holds onto the tassels, fidgeting with them because, well that's fun. ]

But... Wouldn't that be dangerous? And it's cold outside ......... Haven't ever really played much in the snow either...
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It'll be fine if we just bundle up! [She turns around, humming cheerfully as she goes back to digging through the closet; she throws a pair of mittens over her shoulder and lazily winds a scarf around her neck.] The roads are bad, but we're not going anywhere, so it's fine if we stay in the yard.

[She twirls around again, cheerfully placing a hat in that same cotton candy shade on his head and pulling it over his ears.]

So we can go build a snowman and a snow fort and make snow angels and stuff!
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[ Russell feels death's sweet embrace already. However, Yuna is too kind and seems really excited about playing, so- ]

The last time I was in the snow a bunch of catties pushed their boss into the cold water and drowned him for revenge.

[ ..................... Uh, wait a minute. ]

... ... ... But that other stuff sounds more fun.
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i renewed my paid just because i needed this icon so bad/2

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—This is gonna be way more fun! [NOT THAT THE BAR WASN'T SET AWFULLY LOW, BUT] It's gonna be great. I know all the best snowman-building tricks. [She pulls a hat over her own head and looks him in the eye, deadly serious.] The snow speaks to me. I'll tell you everything it says.


In a flash, she's beaming again.

Go get your coat!
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[ HE'S SEEN A MURDER!! Actually, this should've been expected. ]

You can....... Talk to snow?

[ You see, if Russell was actually normal he'd call that bullshit but he's also seen a lot of shit in his life, so... He's trusting Yuna on this one, okay.

A part of him still really wants to refuse, but he's getting his coat anyway. Oh boy. ]

Are you sure about this...? We could just stay inside, and stuff. [ The shut-in side of Russell, it's speaking to him. ]
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I can hear the snow when it talks to me.

[She sounds so intense about it... And then she laughs, scratching at the back of her head.]

Not literally, I'm just joking! [And she's handing some mittens to Russell before picking a pair up off the floor for herself.] We'll run out of stuff to do inside, though! [She's already fluttered on over to get her jacket and she's buttoning it up as she adds,] We don't have to if you really don't want to, but I think it'll be a lot of fun if we try.
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[ LOOK... He doesn't get jokes half the time!!

He's really considering it though, but now that he thinks about it what do they even have to do while being stuck inside that's fun? Not a lot of things come to mind.

Also they're practically dressed for the snowy weather now, and Yuna seems so excited... Russell will feel a bit bad if he cops out right now. So, he shakes his head. ]

Well. . . No, we can go -- if you teach me how to make snowmans and snow forts, and stuff.
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"Practice your English by commenting on a blog", Nakatani-sensei said. "It'll be an assignment where you can show your interests," he said. "Don't you like those types of assignments?" he said. "You really need to make up work after that weird incident where you missed school for over two months," he said. "It'll be fun," he said.

Wordpress user tKazunari is seriously doubting all of the life decisions that led to this moment, because he sees the icing and the berries curled together in the image and he remembers. It's too much. It's too much and not enough - he has to reach out because he can't run away. There's magic and murderers out there, they'll catch up. He types a comment.]

Another super nice cake!

Lithuanians too like your cake I think!

Have you ever served cake somewhere like a hotel?
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[Of all the things she could possibly do after her most recent murder prison stint, Clover starts up a baking blog. Of all things. Her pastries, she's learned, make other people happy, and she's been trying to do more of that lately.

Something rings familiar about the latest comment on something self-indulgent she's made, strawberry flavored with berries and messy icing on top, and it doesn't click completely until she catches the username. File tKazunari under "people she never expected to hear from or about ever again in her life."

N I C E C A K E, right, yeah, that happened. That's happening. This is happening?

hey thanks! biggest place I ever served a cake for was just a slumber party though lol

[Not being the type to fuss over her decisions means this comment receives about thirty seconds of thought (she definitely thinks herself quite clever for it), followed by all of the panicking Clover is capable of. There's proper contact info elsewhere on the blog, though it might take some digging because organization is well beyond Clover's specialties; still, she ends up fussing back and forth over why he didn't just email her or something if it's really, actually him. What a weird thing she has to ask herself; "what if it's a different Kazunari besides the one who I was in a murdergame with in a hotel with literally Lithuania?"???? Every time she thinks shit can't get any more bizarre!!!!!]
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letters!!! u know which verse

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I got your flowers and herbs and leaves and whatever but you really don't have to send them so often. Like, can there be a break week or something? I'm running out of room on the wall

I didn't put them on the wall. I have nowhere to put them. I'm drowning. Just send a normal letter next time. Thanks.
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["normal letter" failed step one

because instead of just an envelope full of pressed flowers like usual, Natalie's getting an entire box?? it's about the size of a donut box and there's a regular-sized envelope with an actual letter attached to the front with a couple of flower stickers... The paper is covered in little flower doodles but this is standard.


Sorry for drowning you in flowers! I got too excited about the new press so I just wanted to keep sending a whole bunch to you! I'll try to remember not to send as many, but it's okay if you can't keep them all. If you got them, and you got to see them, so you get to know what I wanted to tell you by giving them to you, that's enough for me!

I still wanted to send you a present, though! Here's something you won't have to make very much room for, since it wouldn't be any good if you didn't get rid of it anyway: it's Togo's botamochi! There's a lot there so you'll be able to share with everyone. The Hero Club and I got together and helped Togo make a big batch! Well, a few big batches, because we wanted to eat a lot, too... You'll understand when you try some, though! Togo bakes the best stuff ever, so her botamochi's the best in the world!

Fu mentioned it might be nice to serve sweets to everyone in person someday, since I talk about you all the time. Until we figure out how, though, it wouldn't be fair to keep something so great from you in the meantime! Fu has a warm heart but she won't let anyone backtalk her, either, so I think you two would get along.

Has the weather been nice? I think we're in for a good spring! That means lots of flowers so hopefully I won't space out and send you a bunch you don't need... I hope you're having lots of fun! I wanna hear all about what you've been up to with everyone else!


[no chill at all

As promised, the box contains a dozen pieces of botamochi, and as much as Yuna is willing to sing Togo's every praise, they actually are, like, inhumanly good?? On the bottom inside of the box, the five tenets of the Hero Club have been written in five sets of handwriting (Yuna wrote "give a good greeting") and underneath it's signed (in Yuna's handwriting) "With Love, The Sanshu Middle School Hero Club!"

in Yuna's defense, this is her "normal"
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A Letter For Yuna!

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Dear Yuna,

I hope that this letter finds you well. In truth, I hope it finds you at all.

I am doing very well. I am settling in to a city called Boston. It's very big, and not like the city I lived in before. The buildings are much taller and there's a train that runs underground! It even goes under the water! And it isn't to travel to other places, it's simply to travel to and from different places in the same city! And by 'it' I mean the entirety of the train system, there are six at least. I never could have imagined such a thing. I'd like to ride one of those underground trains.

I never could have imagined a great deal that exists in this world. It's all very strange and new, but Eliot has been very kind and patient in explaining things to me. I think I will like it here, once I'm used to it. There's so much to do and to see and to learn! I'm thankful I have a lifetime in which to do it all.

I've met Eliot's friends, they are interesting people, and are doing their best to make me feel welcome. I rather like them, for the most part. The patriarch of the little group is a touch prickly, but I have no doubt I'll win him over. One of them even helped me pick a traditional human name, I am going by 'Isabella Baylin' now. I quite like the sound of it, and I have been told it suits me.

In my time here so far, I have discovered the following: I very much like television, candy, fuzzy slippers, seafood, credit cards, and something called an Em Pee Three device, which allows vast amounts of music to be stored on a tiny machine that fits in a pocket! I've listened to so much music since coming here. Did you know that Eliot is musically gifted? He's quite talented.

I think I may wish to pursue my own inclination for the musical arts. Simply for the pleasure of it. There's no reason why I can't. Eventually, of course. I'm taking things slow, as I adjust to this world and all it brings me. And eventually I will join Eliot and his friends in their pursuit of what I suppose is best described as independent justice. They're the people who make sure the innocent and deserving are rewarded and the cruel and villainous are punished. Enforcers of equivalent exchange. It's a very appealing pursuit, I must admit. And one I find myself already well trained for.

Eliot is also going to teach me to cook. He's been very helpful in expanding my culinary horizons, and introducing me to all the food of this world. I already knew he was a talented chef, but there's something about watching him at work in his own kitchen. He has a very nice home. I didn't realize just how wealthy he was - not that that matters. But it does make me feel far less guilty about relying on him while I find my feet.

I do hope you're faring well, and have been able to put all the unpleasantness that brought us together behind you. What's it like, where you live? Do you have computers or cellular phones? I understand they allow for easier and quicker communication than traditional letters. I don't quite understand computers, but Eliot says his dear friend is one of the best computer 'geeks' alive, so I don't think it will be hard for me to learn to use one. When I do, perhaps we can use that to communicate.

I very much look forward to hearing from you in return.

Warmest wishes,
Isabella 'Lust' Baylin

P.S. Here is a photo from when I went to see the ocean. And Eliot says 'hello'.