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rp wishlist

💖 RP Wishlist 💖

here's a collection of scenarios and the like i am always down to play or am just Determined to do over the course of my career; BASICALLY THIS IS THE SHIT I AM INTO

💖 Gen

i say "gen" but i don't mean that as in "not shipping" this is just, general stuff i am here for; i will super happily play almost all of these kinds of things with or without shipping

magical girls i think the Ultimate Goal is doing a long-running group psl of a magical girl group but just in general i want to play magical girls and AUs all the time

hogwarts au TALK TO ME ABOUT MY HOUSE SORTING OPINIONS (don't) (save yourself) (listen though i live for these)

found families slams fist on the table this is my shit this is my whole shit this is my ENTIRE SHIT I LOVE FOUND FAMILIES I LOVE!! FOUND FAMILIES!!!!!!

murdergame "courtney you have an entire section for murdergame wishes down below what are you doing" listen!!!! shut up. i love murdergames and if you ever want to do threads in murdergame settings i'm super here for it

zombie apocalypse apocalypses in general are good ("good") but i'm biased in favor of zombies

insomnia meme this version doesn't have a nightmares option but i am especially here for that, love me some h/c and that is my favorite, but just in general i am Here For This

feeeEEeeeEEEEeeliiIIiingssss i live for characters just talking about their goddamn fucking feelings tbh especially characters who are shitty about feelings having to deal with them. that's my kink

injuries more specifically: characters patching each other up and helping each other take care of wounds 👌👌👌👌👌👌

rescue characters rescuing each other from danger 👌👌👌 mostly i like this with established cr

crau you may say to yourself, "surely, courtney doesn't care about this old cr anymore and wouldn't want to play them" but guess what i will move heaven and earth if that's what i have to do to get our old cr in the same place again, i will take a hammer and FIX THE CANON IF THAT IS WHAT IT TAKES!!! this does become a little harder with old old characters but honestly, just ask

💖 Ships

this includes ship dynamics i enjoy but also just stuff i want to play ships doing but also, honestly, i just always want to play ships smh

grouchy loves cheery bury me in grumpy pessimist/sunshiney optimist ships

princess/knight or similar dynamics like bodyguard ships but i'm biased for royalty

princess/witch francy mentioned this once and it was only then that i realized how much i needed it in my life

scar kissing this is my trash fluff h/c indulgence, bye

confessions remember earlier when i said my kink is characters talking about their feelings. all i want to play is gross saccharine fluff okay leave me alone


💖 Murdergames

THE MURDERGAME WISHLIST here's stuff i want to play out in murdergames, because i love them, i love death and dying

murder "well yeah courtney that's why it's called a" yes yes i know shut up, I WANT TO DO A MURDER!!! LEMME KILL!!!!! accidental murder, impulse decision murder, accomplice murder, pls. pls

maiming lemme get some GOOD AND PROPER DISFIGUREMENT thank you very much!!!

ship i have already almost made this mistake but we had long since flown our asses far too close to the sun, just, in general by then, but goddamn it i am ready to ACTUALLY MAKE THIS MISTAKE, JUST FUCK ME UP

crau i wanna crau a murdergame character into another murdergame. the suffering don't stop

attempted murder i super want to play a character who tries to kill someone on a fucking wednesday or some stupid shit like that and doesn't manage to get the job done so everyone's just gotta keep dealing with this would-be murderer hanging around

gamebreaking overarching murdergame plots where characters get the chance to end the game by just straight-up breaking it are my favorite and i am SO here for that, please let me break a game. murdergame riot. burn the motherfucker down

self-sacrifice i want to play a character dying for someone else in a way that has actual bearing on the plot or a case instead of for shitty mechanics reasons so bad gang

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