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the preview button and i continue our strained relationship

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[ maybe it was good he left his cellphone back at his apartment before setting out for DCOM, because surely enduring Clover's meme spam would count as an unnecessary form of torture.

Junpei takes a nice, long look at these messages and pictures before formulating a lengthy, well thought-out reply. Clover's probably pissed he just sort of disappeared, so he supposes he owes her an explanation. ]


[ but Junpei being himself, he chooses the unwise route, deletes his text essay, and sends this instead. ]
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[ Can he have an extra 10 seconds to think about it? No? Well, he waits until the last possible moment before voicemail to pick up, audibly sighing. ]


[ He could not possibly sound any more resigned ]
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[ When the screaming starts, he certainly most definitely drops the phone in startled cartoon character action. So there's that. ]

Uh...Happy New Year's?

[ a+ ]
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Well--what do you want me to say?

[ did clover miss the doofus junpei? too bad, snide junpei is here now ]

'Hey, Clover, thanks for reminding me I hadn't deactivated my Instagram account when I left'?

[ there is so much garbage on his phone now, why would she do this ]
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[ There's a sizable pause on his end of the line. ]


[ a bit hard to tell if it's wholly sincere or not, but his tone isn't sarcastic, at least

An awful joke about actually being dead that comes to mind, but for once, he holds his tongue. ]

I've just...been busy. [ REALLY, NOW ]
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[ again holding the phone a foot away from his ear. clover why. ]

That's the gist of it! [ ...

He doesn't really want to explain the whole story, but then, the angry pink attack chihuahua is probably going to rip his leg off if he keeps giving half-truths and partial statements.


"I'm a private detective now and went through another death game and also pls you and your brother RSVP to my not-murderwedding next year"?? nah. nah. ]

...I found Akane.

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a million years later

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[ another pause ]

I've been working with Seven, at his detective agency. It took a while, but we found her when she signed up for a program at the Mars Mission Test Site.

[ he's half tempted to ask if Clover remembers anything about Radical-6, but then, this esper stuff is still fucking confusing even after 390730573 timeline jumps. maybe later. for now, he leaves it at that and waits. ]
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obvs cradle clover but idk where she is now so let's go for random

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[ Arumat will be staring at these directions drawn upon a map...and frown. Next time he'll just ask for them to be sent electronically, because then it'll be less of a hassle. Although, the dwelling he's standing in front of it should be it, he's scared enough people upon knocking on the wrong doors.

He'll rap his hand against the door... taking care to try to hold back his strength so he doesn't bend the door itself. ]
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The smile on my face could not be contained.

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[ Technically, by all accounts, the one who had been so avoidant in settling down had managed to do so before taking off on his own to locate and track down Clover and co. with these shitty directions. Would anyone believe it that Arumat had been spending most of his time hanging around with Luke and Adam, sometimes even catching a glimpse of Adam's... child and his lover? If anyone had suggested that Arumat would be doing something like that for a time before the events of Cradle happened, the space-elf most assuredly would have put them through a wall and then six feet under for good measure.


He needs to stop thinking about that now because the person who came out was not a shocked, resident alien of some sort, but it was really Clover. His lips twitch upwards for a brief moment, because even he's unable to fight off the urge to smile, as loathe as he would ever be to admit. He hadn't seen her in so long (and contrary to belief, Arumat can miss his friends.) ]

Arumat P. Thanatos, Captain of the 13th Independent Armory Division, reporting in; I'll assume that 'What the hell' will be another euphemism for 'it's nice to see you'.

[ ... It is possible in the duration of his time spent with Luke and Adam, he may have grown more of a sense of humor. ]
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Lab Partner AU Episode I: The Phantom Menace

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["Left Elhodter, goes by Dio?"]

That's my name, don't wear it out.

[Dirty Little Secret by All American Rejects dot mp3. The second day of school, the first time that this particular biology course appears in his schedule. Dio pays no further mind to the role call continued by the teacher, returning to twirling a pencil in his hand and pretending it is a microphone stand or a baseball bat. The move has treated him well so far. Of course he didn't know anyone besides his family, but a lot of freshmen are in that position, and he's met a handful of people over the summer through the baseball team. Dio firmly believes that he has earned his position through natural skill and not a lack of numbers for the less popular sport.

There is a shuffling of chairs. Dio has to ask someone what the heck happened in the past several minutes. Apparently there is a year long cat dissection project, and they will soon be introduced to the partner assigned by alphabetical order, so the seats are getting rearranged accordingly.]