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Open Post ☆ Clover Field

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Atsushi Murasakibara | Kuroko no Basuke

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[Murasakibara is pacing the halls of the complex restlessly. He's out of allowance money and can't go out shopping for snacks today. But he wants snacks now and everyone he's asked so far today has said no. So he's walking around looking for somebody else to ask. He came down this hallway after a vague sound caught his attention, though he couldn't figure out what it was and had mostly forgotten about it by the time he actually got here. (Clattering heels. He has very little experience with that: Araki and Momoi always wore sneakers.)

Then he walks past the open doorway and sees the bag of granulated sugar that's set out. Very briefly he considers whether it is worth the mess of putting his hand directly into the bag, before he takes in the wooden bowl and flour and wide sheet pan. Aha. Somebody is baking cookies.

When he steps over the threshold, that's when he registers that the cookie baker is Clover. It's kind of hilarious that she's actually kept trying after this long. And by hilarious, he means pathetic. Murasakibara sees no point in letting this go on, especially when he stands to benefit from the result. He reaches out to encompass about a quarter of her hoodie in one hand, tugs up, and puts his arm forward.]
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What's the matter with me is that I can't reach them either.

[He narrows his eyes at her as he shakes his arm a small distance, like the amount of motion required to knock on a door, in the direction toward the shelf. It's true that this is the extent of his arm. It's not like her face is slammed into the cabinet. She's clearly acceptable levels of safe.]

Do you want those or the "white chocolate" ones? [He says that the way that some people spit out the name of a hated political party, or a dog who has bit somebody before. While these are not even actually chocolate, they are a bag that has already been opened and so rest at a reasonable height in the fridge.]
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"No one"? But I just did.

[Literally. So that means she's wrong and he has the right idea!

His lips start to curl down as she continues grabbing at his arm. Murasakibara isn't all that used to enduring physical pain; he starts to consider giving up. For now he just stays where he is, though his arm is starting to sway a little bit from keeping still.]
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[Murasakibara rolls his eyes. Okay. Loud noises, that he doesn't want to put up with.] Shut up--

[That isn't happening. Clover keeps screeching. He finally puts her down on the countertop and only then lets her go because he does actually think it would be kind of bad if she seriously fell and hurt herself.]

How do you think you're going to get it now, though?
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Why not the hood? Would it be better to pull you by your hair?

[He doesn't even sound sarcastic. Murasakibara doesn't understand girl's fashion, maybe her outfit contains some superior handle like the earmuffs or something. He barely raises his eyebrows at all to the earlier content about greetings. It's not like he can say "hello" now. He tried that once when he was late to practice and got thoroughly smacked.

Murasakibara takes his arm out of the way (just in case she grabs at him again) and leans back, propping his hands on the chair. It's really pathetic that she tried so hard and couldn't even do it, but not surprising. That's just how life is, he thinks. There are some things unattainable to short people in this world.]
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[Murasakibara takes a more serious look at her after that, though there's a brief flare of confusion as he initially wonders how books are an answer to his question about the handle. Well, they're not.

So Clover didn't give up after all. He has no idea how the book scheme is going to turn out but at the very least it's going to take a lot of time. Impatience, then, is the main reason that he picks up the entire chair and places it flatly onto the countertop, not heeding the book load of the chair that slides down onto the floor.]
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[He's bad at a lot of school subjects, but not at math.]

It's not lower than the chair on the floor.
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[He is just barely impressed. He's never seen anybody with footwork that precise up close in his life. Leg work, arm work, hand work - sure. On the other hand, Clover actually thought she could do that alone, and she was obviously wrong. So he doesn't look impressed for long.

This is when it finally dawns on him that she might actually not share her cookies, even though somebody the size of Clover clearly could not eat this amount of cookie so really by sharing with Murasakibara she would be productively avoiding waste, clearly. He nudges the bowl an inch closer to her. Perhaps another "helpful gesture" will thaw her demeanor further, just as she de-escalated from yelling at him to saying nothing.]
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So are you going to use it to do that? Make cookies.

[As he just stands there, Murasakibara's brow furrows in return. He takes in Clover's baleful gaze and realizes that she's exhibiting verbal defiance, which also means that he can't just use additional gestures or even violence to get what he wants here (especially considering that he would really prefer not to bake these cookies himself; besides his reluctance to exert effort, she would be better at baking the cookies). He takes half a second more to settle on his verbal weapon of choice. It's been at least three weeks since he's actually had a reason to say this out loud.]

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[Murasakibara does not know why she is this way. The last girl he knew well, Momoi, was not like this. On the other hand, Momoi couldn't cook. Maybe the fires of the kitchen burn their souls. Or something gets into their teeth - she shows her teeth a lot, he would be intimidated if her face were less than two feet away from his face.

He heaves a sigh, decides that he would rather be subjected to this power for now than actually try to figure out over the course of years if Clover is Ever Nice, and speaks again.]
Please bake the dough into cookies.
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[For a brief moment he actually relaxes and thinks she's totally agreed with him. The only reason Murasakibara doesn't get bored and leave is because he derives vague amusement from the visual appeal of watching the ingredients get mixed. It's only when Clover asks him if he needs something that he realizes she's still mad at him, and his teeth click.]

When the cookies are done please share them with me. [Half a second later he remembers something else and then actively grits his teeth, speaks more quickly this time.] More than one of them.
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[He lets out a big sigh of relief. Murasakibara immediately slates the claim that Clover had generous intentions all along as more of her Unhelpful Games because clearly he never makes useless effort unlike other people. This is just Clover trying to stay in power. On the other hand, he doesn't like the idea that Clover could win, and the events of the winter cup (including actually losing) have left him more open to the possibility of getting caught off guard. So he makes one more defensive move.]

...Thank you. [He says it as one word. He got into the habit when he was younger along with his general lilting speech, but it never got beaten out of him because it's also fairly common among uncouth athletes.]
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[Well, Clover got the last word anyway, but Murasakibara doesn't bother to frown. It's not like this is a real game where Clover will be eliminated from the tournament, so it doesn't count. At least, he tells himself that to preserve his self esteem.]


[Now that the central tension of the hour is dispelled, with far more languid limbs Murasakibara goes over and gets the chair off the counter. It's not an objectionable exertion of effort by his standards since to him it's not at all difficult to lift. He just leaves it on the floor right next to the counter, not sure where it actually originally went. Hey, he doesn't come in here a lot.]
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[He turns his head to look at the timer and then doesn't say anything. She said "like". It's not a big deal. He had thought it might take even longer than that, not immediately remembering that the oven was preheated.

For a while he just stands there. Even if there were anything to say to Clover, once she starts eating he's not about to interrupt her. Verbally, or physically; she never said that he could have the cookie dough, and he doesn't relish the idea of her pawing at his hands should he reach into the bowl. Though ten minutes isn't really enough time to wander somewhere else for activities that aren't standing around; by the time he got back they'd be cold anyway. He wants something to do...

Murasakibara grabs the bag of chocolate chips and looks to see if there are any left inside.]
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[He briefly glares at her. It's not even the white chocolate chips that are the insult this time, though he doesn't want them any more than before; he doesn't like being called out on his impatience, and so he feels a childish urge to prove her wrong.]


[He leans in place and turns the bag over, glaring at the logos and labels.]
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I used the line "you don't have enough pillows". Then left. Thought you should know.
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I needed the out
its been too long been around too much lab equipment

i'm only made for flirting with electrons