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same hat

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[Another day, another death in good ol' Los Angeles, Japanifornia. It's something you unfortunately have to get used to in Athena's line of work, and for the most part, she could handle it, so long as no strong emotions were involved.

Today she's dropping off some evidence at the precinct since Mr. Wright was too lazy to do it himself after the trial ended. She and Apollo had done rock, paper, scissors for it, and well, here she was.

She pokes her head in and then the rest of her body, calling out cheerfully as she waves a plastic bag with a bloodstained recorder,]

Ehi! Does anyone know where I should put this?
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Wait, was there another one?

[Her eyes light up as she imagines someone hauling a bloody grand piano into an evidence room.]

But, um, I think it was just at the crime scene... I was scrubbing toilets during that trial, unfortunately. I think the case was something about a musical genius murdering his student since he had started to surpass him? Honestly, it's kinda? Yikes.
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ops we tagged too much

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I don't even know why I act surprised anymore. [She says with a bit of a laugh.] This is pretty normal when you compare it to some of my past cases. At least it's over with, I guess.

[As she sees Lyn ready to catch, Athena nods cheerfully and actually stands back a little. She takes a pitching stance and winds up...]

Hey batter, batter... catch!

[Never mind the fact it's the catcher who says that, not the pitcher. And maybe this baseball metaphor would've worked better if Lyn was the catcher?]