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Open Post ☆ Fu Inubozaki

all of my icons have eyepatches, but any canonpoint is fine!
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Say hello to Gavotte-sempai

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[The swarm of bees buzzes around young Fu, hundreds upon hundreds of compound eyes all trained on the girl as they circle around her. This girl is young, small and already half-blind - in other words, Fu isn't exactly the sort of being she would have chosen as a protector. But, Gavotte supposes, God works in mysterious ways - she'll figure out what this girl's worth is soon enough.

In the meantime, though, she's here to train this girl.

Not much to look at, are you? [Her voice is an amalgam of all of those wings, somehow beating together harmoniously.] Tell me, child, how many times have you pushed that power of yours to its limits?
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A bunch of bugs that has been working for our... employer, shall we say, for a great deal longer than you have.

[Despite her chastising words, the tone her buzzing takes is somehow almost playful? The fact that this girl has some backbone is as amusing as it is promising - it'd be a pity if she were assigned to some shrinking violet of a child.]

You may call me Gavotte, child. And my concern isn't whether or not you've been working hard enough. Your current condition tells me enough of that - rather, I'm concerned about whether you've been working smart enough.

And so I must ask again: How many times have you push your abilities to their very limits?