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Open Post ☆ Yuna Yuki

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i haven't used dreamwidth in 20 years

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[It's ordinary day in some ordinary city. As of right now, there aren't any giant robots or evil aliens attacking, or even a bank being robbed. But any hero knows that being a hero isn't just about fighting giant robots, even if that does happen a lot and it is pretty cool. First and foremost, being a hero is about helping people, so when Captain Marvel spies an old woman waiting to cross at an intersection, he doesn't just keep flying.

No, he swoops down with the Speed of Mercury and helps that little old lady cross the street. She says something about what a kind young man he is, and he can't help but blush as he scratches the back of his head. But even with the Wisdom of Solomon, it's not until she leaves that he notices a young girl, probably a year or so older than Billy, waiting at the other side. He gives an apologetic wave before quickly flying over and landing beside her.]

I didn't notice you, miss... I'm real sorry about that! Can I help you with something?
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[Way cooler story... He looked back at the other side, then back at the girl. To tell the truth, he just thought she also needed help with something else, not that he had... Whoops.]

Oh no, she'd have been happy no matter who helped her, I'm sure. I think an ordinary citizen helping out of the kindness of her heart is a way, way cooler story myself.

[A pause, before he realizes he's forgetting something that's probably important.]

Oh, right, of course! I'm Captain Marvel. It's always nice to see another hero, though, since I can't be everywhere at once. Now, I should probably be going, unless you need anything else?

[He's about ready to fly away, only waiting for her to give him the okay. But his patrol's gone on long enough and Billy figures that after a quick trip to some alley or phonebooth to change, he could return and see if he could get a quote for a story from this girl.]
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