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murdergame history

Warmwood december 2014 Clover Field 🍀 Zero Escape: 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors
(pre-SOIS recruitment)

survived, but only because we broke the entire goddamn game in the middle of the trial that should have taken her out

archdemon, mafia role appearing innocent to investigative roles

clover field and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day she told a nazi to shut up and dropped high-grade explosives on an eldritch bug queen. what an introduction to the concept of murdergames

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Cry Badger 2 december 2014 L'Arachel ✨ Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
(nebulously post-game, Eirika's route)


this didn't last long enough to get too Invested in it but @ everyone who let l'arachel keep her horse in an enclosed environment: thank you so much

anyway here's the ship generator while we're here
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Seven Vices february - may 2016 Clover Field 🍀 Zero Escape: 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors
(pre-SOIS recruitment)

victim week 8, killed by Satori Komeiji

after dying and being adopted by a fish, a capitalist, a serial killer, his babysitter, and some skeletons, Clover emerged on the other end of a murdergame happier and more well-adjusted than she'd ever been in her entire life. what the fuck

also she took Light and went home with Undyne post-game, and this is canon, and she's free from VLR, and i will absolutely fucking fight you on this, underhell is forever and i'm going to spend the rest of my life crying about it

highlights include glitterbombing the entire game but especially vegeta, and the walking tree of death

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The Cradle Project june - september 2016 Clover Field 🍀 Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
(hours after the True End)

survived, and was super mad about it

had the option of going home at endgame; just fuckin took a spaceship and took her brother and alice on space adventures instead. also i refuse to live in a world where judar doesn't learn to worldhop so he can hang out and they can go on ill-advised space adventures. no one in any universe that ever is or was is more tired than light field

i have never bad ended a character so thoroughly. this girl is RUINED it's like she WASN'T TRAUMATIZED ENOUGH ALREADY i can't believe we killed all her friends and gave her a fucking laser scythe

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Robowest january - march 2017 Yuna Yuki 🌸 Yuki Yuna is a Hero
(nebulously post-show)

victim week 5, death by mechanics

never in my entire life had more people told me they hated me before this game happened

over the course of my entire rp career bookmarks were probably the rudest thing i've ever done

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The Newly Deads Game Round 2 april - june 2017 Mary 🔪 Ib
(mid-game, shortly after being separated from garry by the vine wall)

died final round, slipped through the cracks of voting schemes

aaand then got back to life because Ib won her grand prize and said grand prize required Mary to live and so, i shit you not, her new body came crawling out of a vat of mustard. i love this game. so anyway now she gets to live in the real world as a real person with her forever bestie and also be furiously distrustful of all but two (dead) grownups Forever. anna and i decided Ib's parents adopt her after a string of foster families because Mary just spends all her time with Ib anyway

i can't fucking believe we killed mary before anyone found out her secrets or she tried to stab anyone. mary legitimately did nothing wrong. you didn't give her enough time to

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The Newly Deads Game Round 2 april - june 2017 Sophie 🐸 Neopets
(sometime after the Tale of Woe)

died round four

i apped her because sushi apped gorix and i wasn't about to let her play a neopet all on her own and then immediately realized playing a fucking neopet was a bad idea and did like twenty tags with her

simon keyes got her meowclops and that's all that matters

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Yuggoth may - june 2017 L'Arachel ✨ Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
(nebulously post-game, Eirika's route)

victim week four, killed by Suzaku

fashionista, role provided a straight razor as a weapon


anyway here's the ship generator

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Ukimiya february - may 2016 Tiki 🐉 Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem
(nebulously post-game)

victim week 5, killed by (some dude possessing) Jansen Freidh

arguably got juggled through the worst possible babysitters in the history of my characters being babysat

stole a machete fom the greenhouse week two in an attempt to revoke everyone's sharp things privileges so maybe less murder would happen (lol), left everyone in quiet fear for weeks

post-game offered unlimited world-hopping which means that not only does Tiki get to see all of her friends all the time, she gets to make friends with the immortals and other long-lived beings from their worlds and doesn't have to suffer being alone as the last(???) divine dragon and also oracle jesus?? she probably just straight up moves in with Hanyuu after Marth dies instead of sticking around to deal with Awakening; good luck with Grima, y'all

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code is mine, available at photosynthesis, having been heavily modified!
will definitely do better in a murder mystery style game ALSO LET ME MURDER HER PROPERLY GODDAMN IT memloss murder mystery style let me have this, universe but ONLY if she can still be a ragdoll and still casually lose her own limbs and also only if xander apps jack with me
if i ever feel strong enough to do another despair spiral arc i'll play sayaka in a murdergame someday i'll pay penance for my years of nonsense and finally play a babysitter myself this is a pipe dream but i want to be strong enough to play lynne in a murdergame, and by strong i mean good enough at solving murders