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(( SLIDES RIGHT IN HERE I think you know the basics of Hanyuu but resident mom goddess currently residing in the form of a 10 year old but I might play her in Actual Mom Form in Ukimiya, we will see.

...anyway she once found a tiny alternate version of Rika wandering through an interdimensional portal in her shrine so that's not out of the question for a prompt. Or Hanyuu gets stuck in FEworld, or something nebulously set in Ukimiya itself, WHICHEVER YOU'D LIKE. ))
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Sup; pretend this is murdergame/uki verse

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[ So, no one has died yet, but damn...there's that hell of a motive (it's bad, okay), and he looks nervous due to some of the looks some of these people are giving each other. Like jeez.

He'll look over at Tiki, and decides she's probably one of the most approachable people around here. Still. ]

Oh, uh, excuse me, Tiki? Are you doing...alright?
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[ Emil releases a soft sigh in relief; in all honesty it'd be a lie to say that it wouldn't be tempting. For once, Emil is glad that he's not really the bold sort. He's too much of a chicken to do anything...

At least he doesn't seem bothered by the nickname. ]


[ He pauses for a moment. ]

I think. I'm just a little worried...
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... I don't know if someone would or wouldn't. But...

[ It's not like he doesn't believe in people, he just knows people are capable of terrible things. He tries to chase away a distant bad memory and focus on the present. ]

What do you mean by fun? Do you mean like...a group party?
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[ Emil is taken aback by her sudden exclamation and it requires him to make a recovery of sorts for a moment. But, it's not really so bad, considering everything. ]

Y-Yes...? Maybe?

I don't know, but it's the first thing I thought of when you said we could do something fun together.

[ He gives a bit of a sheepish smile. ]
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[ Let it be known that in his final moments, Emil did try his hardest. ]

Yeah, I think you're right. Everyone will be so focused on what's going on at the party, that maybe no one will even try to kill anyone.

[ Emil feels like he made an accomplishment for once in his miserable life. ]

Oh, but Tiki, I've never set up a party before. We'd probably have to prepare a lot in advance, wouldn't we?
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