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[Through the time they've spent seated at the same table, there's one thing Natalie has come to consider a positive: being paired with her is helping her learn how to focus. Her definition of focusing, in this situation, is doing her best to block out anything the cheerful girl next to her might say. She's not always successful, of course, given that Yuna's friendliness overpowers even her sharp words and attitude, but she does her best.

Of course, in this situation, it means that while she's poring over the ingredient list so she doesn't make an error, she only notices the colorful, slimy liquid rushing towards her textbook when the other girl shoves her books away from the mess.]

What are you—

[But once she looks away from the spot where her books have tumbled onto the floor, it's easy to notice what's happening, so she amends her question quickly as she moves away from the table. It's not quite quick enough to save her robes from getting stained, though they aren't as covered as Yuna's are.]

What did you even do? This one wasn't even hard! Stop yelling!

[As the mixture keeps spreading, Natalie does the first thing she thinks of to stop it's progress. She pulls out her wand and speaks a simple incantation that... ends up freezing the entire table, spilled potion and all.

Everyone is definitely staring at them by now. Especially the professor.]