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[Um Clover is definitely the best driver, Undyne sees absolutely nothing wrong with her skills or why everyone else on the road seems to have such a problem with them??? This is exactly how they drive in all of her animes!!

Anyway she's just casually ignoring all the screaming and blaring horns and sirens in the background while she peers at her tourist brochure of Things Humans Do For Fun. (It's manga, the brochure is manga.)]

Size doesn't matter, it's all about the PASSION! The Underground can totally take on any of these human cities when it comes to heart! [what does this even mean no one knows but whatever she's gotta stick up for her homeland even if she does agree that aboveground's way more exciting] And unless you're talking about a human history museum, we gotta do something more exciting than just looking at things!
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No way, human history's the best! You guys have got giant robots and magical princesses and DINOSAURS! [why does she say that last one with such a dreamy sigh]

Yeah, let's go do ALL OF THOSE THINGS! That sounds awesome! [give her a second to just casually summon a couple of spears out of the road so she can flatten the tires of the cop car blaring its sirens behind them] Oh, what about that one land I've heard about with the castle and all the princesses? You know, the one run by a giant mouse monster king? Let's go check that out!